Shosrt courses

by Mr.Sadok
  • Sediment Transport in fluvial systems: LPEE, Morocco
  • Structural Hydraulics: Visiting Professor, Polytechnic School of Thiés, Senegal
  • Sediment transport management and impact on hydraulic structures
  • River restoring technics and environment impacts
  • Impact of material extraction at the low bed and high bed:

EHTP for Water Ministry, Morocco

  • Hydraulic aspects in river crossings structures (culverts and bridges)Sanitation and road drainage Technics. EHTP for Transport Ministry
  • Flood prediction and protection engineering
  • Mathematical modeling of water quality: hydrodynamic and thermal aspects
  • Management of sediment transport in river systems (watershed and dams):

EHTP for Water Ministry and FAO, Morocco

  • HEC-RAS: Open channel hydraulics and sedimentation modeling: EMI, Morocco
  • Silting dams Visiting Professor, Laval University, Canada
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