President of Med First University, Morocco

by Mr.Sadok

2011-2015 President of Med First University, Morocco

A University ranked second in Morocco in 2015, with three campuses in the cities: Oujda, Nador and Al Hoceima. With more than 60,000 students, and more than 2500 faculty and staff. A multidisciplinaryuniversity with 11 Schools (Medicine, Finance trading and business, Law, Engineering, Science and Technology, Fundamental Sciences). Giving more than 300 education School programs in Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.

  • Preparation and implementation of a strategic plan for the university’s development
  • Chairman of the University Council and Management Board
  • Chairman of the University council’s permanent committees
  • Responsible of cooperation agreements and contracts development and implementation.
  • Responsible of Preparation and implementation of the University’s Budgets (Investment and operational)
  • Responsible of development and implementation of the University’s training courses and curriculum
  • Responsible of university’s research and innovation management and development
  • Responsible of internal and external evaluation and quality assurance implementation.
    Recruitment and management of HR
  • Development and management of the university’s patrimony and logistics
  • Development and Organization of scientific, cultural and sporting conferences, seminars, workshops, and events
  • Member of the CPU (Conference of University Presidents)
  • Chairman, Governance committee, CPU
  • Member, Research committee, CPU.
  • Chairman, National network of EST (Higher Schools of Science and Technology)
  • Chairman, National alternate training program development, FSP program (French-Moroccan collaboration)
  • Member, Moroccan-Tunisian Higher Education committee in charge of cooperation
  • Member, Moroccan-French Higher Education committee in charge of cooperation
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