by Mr.Sadok
  • 1983-1984    Sediment deposition in saint Laurent river by numerical modeling. Collaboration between Polytechnic School of Montreal and Montreal city.
  • 1987             Design of dams using Modeling tools: Postdoctoral Researches Fellow Castor Project Polytechnic School of Montreal.
  • 1990             Two numerical modeling of hydrodynamic circulation in Djeddah Marina. LPEE.
  • 1988-1992 Sediment transport capacity of rivers modeling using dynamic methodology Developpment of a code SEDI2000. Cadi Ayad University (Marrakech).
  • 1993-1998    Moroccan silting dams and watershed erosion prediction and management. Water ministry and LPEE.
  • 1995-1998    Water supply intakes design and management. LPEE and ONEP(office national d’eau potable).
  • 1994-1995    Study of souss river estuary by numerical modeling. LPEE and Water Ministry.
  • 1997-1998    Study of hydrodynamics and sedimentation in Bouregreg valley by Quasi tree numerical modeling. LPEE-Water Ministry.
  • 2001             Study of Dam break impact on Tahaddart electric central by numerical modeling.

LPEE-ONE (Office National d’Electricité).

  • 1996             Earth canal (Boumaiz) between two rivers by numerical modeling.

LPEE-OMVAG (Office de mise en valeur agricole du Gharb).

  • 1998             Water intake design and implementation in Mechraa Hammadi dam by numerical modeling. LPEE water Ministry-ONEP.
  • 1997             Rocade canal (120 km length) silting between Sidi Driss dam and water treatment station of Marrakech city.

LPEE-OMVAH (Office de mise en valeur agricole du Haouz).

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